Monday, January 24, 2011

Restaurant Review - Nicky's Thai Kitchen

Having never traveled to Thailand, I can't vouch for the authenticity of the food at Nicky's Thai Kitchen, but as I always say when reviewing restaurants, I know what I know, and I like what I like, and as Uncle Eddie would say, "Clark, that is goooo-OOOD!"

Nicky's Thai Kitchen, located on Western Avenue in the North Side, and also on South Avenue in Verona is serving up a wide variety of Thai splendors, traditional delicatessen, and comfort foods.   This is a BYOB restaurant, which is not only good for your wallet, but if you reveiw the menu online prior to your visit, you can pick out your favorite wine pairing ahead of time and spend as much or as little as you'd like.

The decor and overall ambiance at Nicky's Thai Kitchen is calming, warm and cozy.  Thai inspired artwork and trinkets adorn the space and the divine scent of sauteing vegetables and spicy curry sauces titillates your nose.
Fresh Spring Rolls
The appetizers were a delicious and perfectly portioned first course to our meal and did exactly what an appetizer should do - left you wanting more.  When I've visited Nicky's Thai Kitchen, I've had the Samosa, crab Rangoon, and fresh spring rolls.  The Somosa and crab Rangoon were both delicately fried which offered an appetizing flaky crunch and were stuffed with fresh potato, carrots and green peas and a warm creamy crab, scallion and cream cheese mixture respectively.  The fresh spring rolls were fresh indeed. Thin noodles, carrots, and the pungent taste of fresh basil bundled together with rice paper were paired perfectly with a salty brown sauce and crushed peanuts.

For the main course, I've sampled a few different items on the menu, but thus far, my favorite has been then Param chicken - marinated grilled chicken over steamed mixed vegetables topped with a homemade peanut sauce.  Though the description may sound fairly simple, I think it was the quality of the ingredients, attention to detail, and lusciousness of the homemade peanut sauce that made it wonderful.  It was sweet, it was nutty, it was luxuriously savory.  And what's better, it was even good as leftovers the next day.

Other noteworthy entrees at Nicky's Thai Kitchen include the Pumpkin Curry and Phad Thai.  The pumpkin curry, though prepared at a "mild" level of heat was hot hot hot - in a good way.  As with many of the dishes, you are allowed to choose your protein of choice (shrimp, chicken, beef, tofu, pork, seafood).  With the pumpkin curry, your "meat of choice" is prepared with Asian pumpkin, coconut milk and red curry paste.  I must say, coconut milk and red curry paste are delightful together.  The Phad Thai is acclaimed to be the signature dish at Nicky's Thai Kitchen, and this title did not disappoint.   Stir fried rice noodles with your selected meat of choice is garnished with bean sprouts, scallions and crushed roasted peanuts.  Perfectly seasoned and carefully measured ingredients made the Phad Thai a true winner.

The dessert menu covered a variety of particularly scrumptious options.  The banana with coconut roll can best be described as an egg roll for dessert.  A light and flaky rice paper is filled with banana and coconut was lightly fried and drizzled with chocolate sauce for a delectable presentation.  On one visit to Nicky's, a friend urged me to try the black sticky rice with pumpkin - Asian pumpkin that is, not the pumpkin pie filling with nutmeg you might be envisioning.  The black sticky rice was a surprisingly wonderful new treat for me.  It looks kind of like Coco Pebbles, but the texture is that of soft rice with a particular sweetness I've never experienced.  A perfect ending to a lovely meal.

In short, if you have a hankering for delicious Thai food, or you are eager to try Thai food for the first time, Nicky's Thai Kitchen will surely please your palate.  Enjoy!
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