Friday, April 27, 2012

Meals I Will Never Get Sick Of - Part 2 (featuring Pizza Sola)

Pizza. I absolutely, 100%, no doubt about it, am in LOVE with pizza. To say I have a favorite slice is almost impossible. I love everything from the classics to the bizarre to the fancy schmancy.

I'm a fan of the good ole Pizza Villa in my hometown of Meadville, PA, and I'm a fan of my homemade apricot prosciutto mozzarella pizza. One slice in particular that I will never get sick of, is a giant, warm, aromatic slice from Pizza Sola.

I live in the east end of Pittsburgh and when I'm running errands on a busy Saturday afternoon there's nothing I love more than stopping in Pizza Sola for a slice while I'm on the go. These thin crust wonders are premade and then reheated per your slice request. My personal favorite is the white pizza with spinach and fresh tomato, but you can't go wrong with the classic cheese and pepperoni either.

The pizza crust at Pizza Sola is thin and crispy yet pliable at the same time. The red sauce is simple with a bit of tang that will leave your taste buds quite pleased. Other toppings are fresh and perfectly placed which makes all the difference. And the cheese, oh how could I forget the cheese. I'm guessing that it is a mozzarella provolone blend but I'm not positive. Either way it's the amount of cheese that pleases me the most - not too little not too much, but just right.

What's best, is well you're savoring the deliciousness of your pizza you can watch the workers toss and knead the dough with ease. It's quite a show-really.

So if your pizza fanatic like me or you just enjoy a good slice like most normal human beings, I highly recommend everybody give Pizza Sola a try. With locations in East liberty, Cranberry, South Side and Oakland, Pizza Sola also accommodates late-night bar crawlers, who understand more than anyone medicinal value of pizza when you're drunk.

Stop in! Enjoy a slice, and tell them I sent you (wink, wink)

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Anonymous said...

>> These thin crust wonders are premade and then reheated per your slice request. <<

Hee hee, as a native New Yorker, this sentence sounds silly to me. :) This is standard NY pizza place pizza (both in terms of the crust, toppings, etc.), served NY pizza place style (where the pizza is always ready to go after a quick toss in the oven, unless you request otherwise).

I love Pizza Sola -- as a 'burgh transplant, it's where I go when I need my hometown pizza fix!

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